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Studio Biz’


A series of Organizational Studio Tips, Articles, Guidance, Interactive Forms, Business Advice, Templates, Operational Suggestions, Contracts, and much more for YOUR Studio Business Success.

What is Studio Biz’

Studio Biz’ is the ultimate companion for dance studio owners, offering 52+ years of expertise from Danie Beck, a second generation dance teacher and seasoned industry leader. Packed with practical tips, operational guidance, and customizable resources, it streamlines studio management, minimizing stress while maximizing profits. Accessible from anywhere, it’s your key to studio success—Join Danie Beck and step up your studio game with Studio Biz’!

How does Studio Biz’ work?

Studio Biz’ operates as a comprehensive resource hub for dance studio owners, designed to streamline YOUR STRESS AND TIME and optimize studio management. Here’s how it typically works:

Compilation of Resources:

It offers a wealth of resources including articles, operational guidelines, interactive forms, hints, tips, and advice—all compiled by Danie Beck, an experienced dance studio owner.

Accessible Anywhere:

Studio Biz’ allows access from anywhere, whether from home or STUDIO office, eliminating the need for travel or extra costs.

Upcoming Book:

DANIE BECK’S STUDIO BIZ BOOK IS set to release AS an E-Book AND/or paperback SOON. Making HER wealth of knowledge available at a reasonable price. ALSO IN THE OVERALL PROJECT WILL BE ONLINE COURSES, SEMINARS, WEBINARS, SOLO AND GROUP COACHING.

Online Sessions:

Regular online Zoom sessions and Master Classes are PLANNED TO BE conducted, providing opportunities for personalized guidance and addressing specific concerns raised by YOU THE studio owners. KEEP CHECKING YOUR EMAIL FOR DATES.

Tailored for All Studios:

Whether your studio is large or small, RURAL OR URBAN, Studio Biz’ aims to cater to all sizes of operations, providing practical and profitable information tailored to fit YOUR studio requirements.

Expert Guidance:

Danie Beck, STUDIO BIZ’ creator and editor, brings over 50+ years of successful studio ownership experience, ensuring YOU that the information and guidance provided are based on real-world expertise.


DANIE beck

In a remarkable 70-year dance journey, Danie began as a second-generation dancer at her mother’s studio in Staten Island, New York. She nurtured her talent in theater and live TV, then continued training in Florida, exploring various genres. After a brief break for marriage and motherhood, she founded Dance Unlimited Studio in Miami in 1971.

Danie’s impact on the dance community is profound, with roles in national organizations, choreography for the Orange Bowl Halftime Show and Parade, and directing Gala Productions in Miami. Despite selling her Miami studio in 2011, she remains dedicated to dance, serving as an Ambassador for the Dance Teacher Summit for many years.

Her legacy is evident in the success of talented dancers winning national titles and pursuing Broadway and stage careers. Danie takes pride in the dance studio owners she trained and mentored, with her daughter Kimberly Thomson and granddaughter Brielle Thomson carrying on her traditions. The ongoing involvement of her family in the dance tradition brings Danie immense joy and fulfillment.


1-On-1 Coaching

Get tailored advice from experienced mentor Danie Beck in one-on-one discussions. Receive guidance specific to your goals, challenges, and aspirations to enhance your dance studio business and career trajectory.

Successful Studio Guidelines

Access comprehensive resources for running a successful dance studio. Learn best practices in studio management, marketing, and business operations to achieve lasting success in the dance industry.

Group Coaching

Engage in collaborative sessions led by seasoned dance expert Danie Beck. Join a community of dancers, studio owners, and enthusiasts to explore various dance topics, gaining collective insights and sharing experiences.











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