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In the realm of dance, passion and artistry are the driving forces behind every graceful movement. However, the key to a successful dance studio lies in combining that passion with practical business expertise. Welcome to Studio Biz’, your ultimate source for the perfect fusion of coaching, expert advice, and a treasure trove of resources dedicated to the art and science of YOUR studio business success.

At Studio Biz’, we recognize that dance is not just a form of expression but also a thriving industry that demands a unique blend of creativity and entrepreneurship. Whether you’re a seasoned dance studio owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a devoted dancer with a dream, we are here to empower you with the insights, guidance, and tools to elevate your studio to new heights of success.


In over 70 years dedicated to dance, Danie’s journey has been extraordinary. starting as a second-generation dancer at her mother’s studio in Staten Island, New York, she honed her young talent in theater and live tv. After moving to Florida, she continued her training, and performing in various genre opportunities. After a short break to get married to her beloved husband Irv and give birth (or having 2 children) she opened the Dance Unlimited studio in Miami in 1971.

Beyond her studio’s success, Danie’s impact on the dance community has been immense. She’s been a pivotal figure in several national organizations; choreographed the Orange Bowl Halftime Show and Parade in Miami for 11 years with national talent and tv broadcasts; as well as being the choreographer/director of Gala Productions creating numerous large charity events and productions in and around Miami. Her dedication to the dance profession earned her many awards and appointments and led her to become a trusted consultant for dance studios owners nationwide thru her years of presenting in person studio business seminars around the country.

Though she sold her Miami studio in 2011, Danie’s commitment to dance has never wavered, and still endures today. For many years, she was one of the esteemed Ambassadors for the dance teacher summit, sharing her wisdom with thousands of dance teachers annually in NYC and Ca.

Her legacy? The success of the talented dancers winning national titles and now thriving with Broadway and stage careers. She takes pride in the great number of today’s dance studio owners that she’s trained and mentored over the years. They still carry her knowledge and standards as the torch bearers of the profession. and still today, her daughter Kimberly Thomson is the creator and producer of “Dance The Cutting Edge” an online dance educational project. Her granddaughter Brielle Thomson is living and enjoying her dancing/teaching careers in NYC. Her family’s ongoing involvement in the dance tradition, brings Danie much joy and fulfillment.


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